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About us

Thrushgill Renewable Energy was established nearly 10 years ago to provide analytical services to the renewable energy sector - for generators, suppliers and end users - to take advantage of the global drive towards a more sustainable way of living.

We have nearly 20 years experience of working in the energy sector, primarily for a large energy supplier, with a focus on renewable energy, but also on risk management and the interactions between departments of an energy trading organisation.

We have an extensive knowledge of the government's sustainable policies, from the Renewables Obligation to Electricity Market Refom, and regularly monitor the changes and show how this can impact industry participants.

We are located in rural north-west England and are capable of providing services to clients locally, throughout the UK and also across Europe. To see where we are near, please take a look at Watch out for the scarecrows!

Email us at to find out more about our services.